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Programs – Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education at Pine Valley

When you take the relatively short drive to Pine Valley from any of the surrounding metropolitan areas, you encounter several significant landscape changes. The nearly 4,000-foot elevation gain takes you above the marine layer into clear skies that give great views of the Laguna Mountains and unparalleled views of the cool night sky. Pine Valley is nestled in 460,000 acres of Cleveland National Forest and has less than 0.1% of the population found in San Diego.


It is in this context that Pine Valley is hosting Noble Science and Outdoor Adventure, designed for 6th grade students. As we daily see the beauty of creation, enjoy the miles of hiking trails accessible from camp, and observe the rich diversity in this unique ecosystem, we have developed a three-to-four-day Science and Outdoor Adventure program that fully engages students in this environment. At camp, your students will be learning while getting dirty and having fun. From testing the pH of various soil types, using worms to compost, learning about animal classifications with live animal encounters, understanding geology through a rock testing lab,  understanding sustainability and environmental impact using traditional Native American methods for living off the land, and learning the scientific method, we will be engaging students in ways that will make learning memorable and fun. Our goal is to teach students to think critically and engage in learning about the amazing things that are happening in the natural world around them. In each experience we’ll be using the phrases- “I notice… I wonder… it reminds me of…” to reinforce the scientific process and to reinforce the myriad of connections in the world around them.


During your Science and Outdoor Adventure, our trained leaders will facilitate each activity of the day and will partner with your teachers/ group leaders to provide the best learning experience possible. Each school will be responsible for providing dorm and group leaders who will supervise the dorm at night, travel with groups from location to location, and assist the instructors during class time. Group leaders will receive a detailed schedule and information packet giving them a heads up for teacher break times, class activities and games, and dorm time follow up ideas. Please refer to our sample schedule.


Class Options:


  • Meteorology and Physics
  • Basic Electronics
  • Practical Engineering I
  • Practical Engineering II
  • Entomology
  • Rock Solid Geology
  • Nature Science Investigation
  • Super Science Assemblies


Leadership, Recreation, and Teambuilding Adventure options:


  • Teambuilding 1.0
  • Teambuilding 2.0
  • Archery
  • Zipline
  • Night Hike
  • Vertical Playpen
  • Dirt Scooters


Certifications, Standards, and Content:


Our goal is to teach students to think critically and engage in learning about the amazing things that are happening in the natural world around them.  Pine Valley’s Noble Science and Outdoor Adventure is a member of the Association of Environmental and Outdoor Education. When serving the public school system, we teach to the standards and expectations of the NGSS.  Our expanded curriculum will be taught to Christian schools and includes a full integration of Biblical truth with scientific discovery.  Our instructors have been through multiple education, facilitation, and First Aid trainings and will be the perfect partners to teachers before, during, and after the camp experience.


“Thank you so much for being a great teacher. It was so exciting and thank you for starting out my trip with an amazing class!”


“Thank you so much for making our experience at Pine Valley amazing! I loved the super science activities and the night hike! You made us feel welcome and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”


“I had so much fun! That was probably the best school trip ever.”


“I really liked the geology class. I thought it was very fun. I also like the Zip Line. That was one of the best experiences of my life! Thanks for making Pine Valley super great and fun!!”


“Thank you for making delicious food for all the days we were there. Every day I was looking forward to meal time because I knew that I was going to get an amazing meal…”


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Registration Information

Group Registration & Questions

Please Contact Jessica @ 619-473-8879 ext. 121
or email her at

Payment by Mail

You may choose to mail your payment to:
Pine Valley Bible Conference Center
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P. O. Box 400
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Registration is NOT complete without completing payment.