Important Announcements and General Polices

Suggested Packing List:

Refillable Water Bottle

Closed toed shoes

Picnic blanket



Chap Stick

Please Review the Following:

-Please park in designated parking areas only, your car will remain in the parking lot during your stay. Speed Limit 9½ MPH.

-Sound Systems & Noise Levels – Guests are expected to help ensure the quiet atmosphere at PVBCC by not playing car radios or amplification of any kind.

-No bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc.

-Because we’re surrounded by National Forest, there is NO SMOKING on the conference grounds except in designated locations only. Ask in the office for those locations.

-Family units must stay together, adults must supervise minors at all times.

-Lost and found items are retained for a period of thirty days. PVBCC is not responsible for personal property that is lost, stolen, or left behind. Please turn in any Lost & Found items you may see and give to a Pine Valley Staff Member.

-Dress Code & Behavior – No short-shorts, bare midriff, braless look, or other immodest or inappropriate dress is allowed on camp grounds. Please use modesty and good taste in dress. Shoes must be worn at all times.

-Pets – Guests may not bring pets or other animals onto the conference center grounds (or leave in a vehicle. Only ADA certified service animals allowed. Must register that animal is coming prior to arrival.)

-Please keep grounds clean at all times.

-No alcohol or non-prescription drugs allowed at camp

-Drones (sUAS): are prohibited on PVBC grounds.

Thank you for your cooperation. Enjoy your stay!

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