Pine Valley Family Outdoor Experience

Come experience a day in the great outdoors while creating family memories and enjoying shared experience! The County of San Diego has given us guidelines to open up the camp for an organized Family Outdoor Experience.  We have a 9am-4pm schedule that allows families to function in their family unit (People living in the same household) while practicing social distancing between other family units at each activity. We have also developed a track for 4 families with older participants (8 years old and up).

Any questions feel free to contact the office 619-473-8879 (between 10am and 4pm Mon-Fri)

The price for a Family up to 3 is $100, a Family of 4 is $125, and a Family of 5 (Maxing at 8 people) is $150.

The Family Day Camp Track 1 will include these activities with a max of 20 separate families:

Picnic Lunch


Garden/Farm Time with the Cram’s- Tour the garden/farm, learn about/interact with the different plants and animals,

and plant your own tomato plant to take home.

Crafts/Hike (self guided with different options in the under 1 mile to 2 mile range) or Pool Time


Coffee Shop Time

The Family Day Camp Track 2 for families whose participants are 8 years old and up (Max of 8 separate families):

Picnic Lunch

Frisbee Golf/Hike (self guided with different options in the under 1 mile to 2 mile range) or Pool Time

Laser Tag

Dirt Scooters

Coffee Shop Time


The day will begin with check-in at 8:15am, pre-registration required.  Registration is first come first served.  Registration for each Family Day will close at 10:00 am the day before each scheduled Family Day.

We look forward to seeing you and your family here at Pine Valley!

Once You Register Please Order Your Lunch Open Link in New Page or Tab to Complete for Each Family Member

Review some of the additional policies for the day here

Fill out your family’s release form here

Please read the requirements carefully to understand and comply with the guidelines for this opportunity*:

  • All participants will have a health screening upon entering camp property that will include questions of health status and a body temperature reading.
  • Social Distancing – no closer than 6 feet from those outside your family unit.
  • Bring enough masks for each family member to wear whenever you are closer than 6 feet from non-family members and when you use a restroom.
  • Each family member bring a re-fillable water bottle.
  • Closed toed shoes are required. A hat, sunscreen, and chap stick are also a good idea to bring as well.
  • Each family bring a picnic blanket to enjoy your lunch on.

*The camp staff will be cleaning and disinfecting shared equipment and materials in addition to the standards we comply with to be a facility that is certified and approved by the California Department of Environmental Health.

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