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Our food service team loves to serve our guests by preparing nutritious high quality meals. Our chef believes in using the highest quality food available. We prepare a majority of our meals from scratch and pride ourselves in preparing wonderful meals for your group retreat. Also, if you have a special diet need, please see our section below addressing this area. Our meals are presented buffet style. Our tables typically seat 8 guests per table. Our dining room includes a self-service beverage station; serving fresh juice at breakfast, latte, cappuccino & hot cocoa, fresh brewed Sumatra coffee, a large variety of herbal teas, non carbonated drinks, Alta Dena milk & chocolate milk, and mountain spring water. Pacific Soy milk is available upon request. We always have a bowl of fresh fruit at all meals.

Also, we pride ourselves in keeping track of your visits so we make an effort to serve you something different every time you visit.

Click here to find out about typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals.

Special Diets

We desire to do our best to serve our guests unique dietary needs. We have a specific policy regarding what needs we can or cannot meet. If you book a group retreat, please speak with us about what needs you have. Linked on this page is a Special Diet Request Form that your group leader will need to distribute to those with food allergies and have your group memebers fill out in order to help us meet dietary needs.

Our official statement on dietary needs: “Pine Valley Bible Conference Center can accommodate the following six special diet needs: gluten free allergies, dairy allergies, nut allergies, diabetic, vegetarian, and vegan.”

Click here to view Special Diet Request Form Instructions

Click this link for the Special Diet Request Form

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