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Welcome to Pine Valley’s Cross To Life Discipleship and Trainee Program. This is a 11-month resident discipleship program developed for college aged young men and women, designed to develop followers, and prepare leaders for a lifetime of service dedicated to serving Jesus Christ.

A small number of young men and women make the decision to set aside this time of their lives towards developing character, identity and discipline consistent with Christian leadership..

Trainee’s will be able to pick from 4 different departments:
• Food Service/Kitchen
• Housekeeping/ Guest Services
• Recreation/Program
• Maintenance

For being a part of this program trainee’s will receive the following:

  • Receive a 30 credit hour online scholarship from San Diego Christian College (valued at $14,000)
  • Weekly salary, lodging and meals
  • 7 day cruise

I, the trainee, will also be solely responsible for: 

  • A current passport for the cruise and any cost to obtain it
  • The program annual fee of $1,000 (10% down and a weekly payment plan or I can raise support)
  • All bedding, toiletries, medications, and personal bills
  • My car (if I choose to bring one)
  • My own health insurance

It’s a partnership. Camp staff invests in trainee’s with:

• Training
• Hands on experience
• Spiritual investment & development
• Mentorship
• Real life community living

Trainees are equipped with:
• Experience in a variety of areas
• Work ethic that sets them apart from others
• Spiritual practices and tools to grow and nurture
• Relationship
• Practice with crucial conversations and problem solving in community

Our goals are to:
– Model and encourage the value of spiritual formation and development of an intimate relationship with Jesus.
– Cultivate and demonstrate a heart of joyfully serving our internal and external customers and guests
– Build community and friendships that last a lifetime

Spiritual Formation
– Bible reading plan/journal to go through together
– Encouraged to get involved in a local church
– Weekly devotions with a specific spiritual emphasis

PVBC Family Community
– Monthly “Family” Dinners/Game nights
– Time spent on weekly routine working alongside/building relationships with our 20 full-time staff members


Application Process:

Click the link below to complete the online application. Upload your resume to
A Reference Form link to the online reference form should be given to each of the following people:

  • A senior pastor or youth pastor at your church
  • A teacher or professor who has taught you within the past year
  • A current or former employer (or long-time family friend, or for those who may have served as a Pine Valley Summer Staff Team Member, you can send the link to your previous department supervisor)

Your application will not be complete until we have received your three references.

Once your application and references are received, we will contact you to pursue the next step with an interview if we choose to move to the next stage in the application process.

If you have any questions or need more information, please email our Cross To Life Director, Ryan Rebold, at

Cross To Life Application

Cross To Life Reference Form

Cross to Life Discipleship Program

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