Meet the Staff

Steve Daniels
Executive Director
ext. 107

Kevin Linville
Director of Food Service
ext. 114

Jim Johnson
Director of Projects
ext. 109

Caren Martin
Program Director
ext. 102

David Braddy
Director of Rec/Compliance
ext. -

Tommy Patrick
Director of Guest Operations
ext. -

Tracy Ayala
Conference Utilization Manager
ext. 105

Patsy Daniels
Event Coordinator
ext. 101

Nathaniel Valles
Conference Services Manager
ext. 124

Sara Patrick
Program Manager
ext. 121

Stephen Nowack
Recreation Manager
ext. -

Vonie Gass
Program Administrator
ext. 106

Ginny Cram
Accounting Manager
ext. 207

Kris Cram
IT/Web/Media Manager
ext. -

Annette Daniels
Coffee Shop Manager
ext. 104

Julie Johnson
Gift Shop Manager
ext. 108

Moriah Dessel
Conference Services Manager
ext. -

Daniel Gundersen
Grounds/Maintenance Tech
ext. -

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